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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks – Do Creams Really Help?

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Don’t get caught up in false promises! Be careful when choosing a stretch marks cream because the ingredients of the cream are very important and you also have to take in consideration the possible side effects of the products you use.


The stretch marks creams we recommend have no side effects at all, they are based on natural ingredients perfectly combined in a great formula in order to help you get a best stretch mark removal. Several statistics have proven that stretch marks are among the top five causes for insecurity in women. Removing stretch marks is easy when using a good product. Stretch marks creams penetrate deeply into the skin cell layers, also improving skin flexibility and elasticity and enhancing skin renewal.

What Are Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are visible linear scars which do not pose particular medical problem but bring a major aesthetic damage. Almost every person has them. Although they can be considered in women who gave birth as a “medal of merit”, and in teenagers as a sign of maturity no one is excited about the way they look.

What are stretch marks

The aspect of stretch marks consists of fine lines on the body that occur after subcutaneous tissue of the skin (dermis) ruptures due to the rapid distension of the tissue. The connective tissue of dermis is made up mainly of collagen, that is not strong and it breaks during stretching. After elasticity begins to break down, the tissue becomes inflamed and microscopic bleeding occurs which gives the skin a reddish purple look. The epidermis, the outer layer of skin, also stretches and you can see the reddish purple stretch mark forming. After these marks heal, scar formation appears and you have a stretch mark.

There are two types of stretch marks: red and white. The older are pearl white, while the recent stretch marks are red or purple. Like the scar they are permanent, but in time, with proper treatment, they are extenuated closer to extinction.

Stretch marks are common in:
•    White women are more susceptible than Asian or black women.
•    Pregnant women especially she is young. Stretch marks appear by the end of their pregnancy. Having larger babies may also cause stretch marks.
•    Substantial weight gain or rapidly losing weight.
•    Adolescents during growth spurts.
•    Medication use. Pills, lotions and creams based on steroids can cause stretch marks.
•    Some diseases like Cushing’s syndrome, Marfan syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
Stretch marks cover large areas of the body: upper arms, buttocks, thighs, abdomen and breasts.

Therapeutic methods include:
•    Creams, oils and lotions. Daily application of moisturizing cream to the affected areas maintains a more supple skin. If stretch marks are detected early, the application of emollient creams can be effective, reducing stretch marks. The best creams are oils based on vitamin E, especially recommended for healing, so collagen and elastin creams. Moisturizing creams favor blood circulation in subcutaneous tissue with benefic effects.
•    Maintain a healthy weight.
•    Alimentation rich in vitamin C and E, zinc and minerals contributes to maintaining health.
•    Massage of skin with a glove or massage brush enhances local blood circulation.

 Which Stretch Mark Creams Actually Work?

Many people ask themselves this question when it comes about choosing a stretch marks cream: which are the stretch mark creams that actually work? Effective stretch marks creams reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks in weeks. We will recommend you a few stretch marks products that actually work; you can view our best recommendations HERE.

With these tips as their intended purpose I hope the above will allow you in your effort to scale back your stretch marks.

Regardless of your age or sex, you may experience physical changes that end in dermal breakdown. Overstretched dermis, often only associated through pregnancy, can also be a consequence of drastic weight gain associated with any sort. Bodybuilding enthusiasts may notice this condition on their upper arms and legs, depending upon their guidance regimen. Although less standard, even teenagers may experience problems simply because they pass through various periods of puberty. When body is stretched beyond her elastic limit, such dermal issues are inclined, but there are strategies to noticeably reduce these pores and skin markings and restore an individual’s appearance.

If you never have already taken precaution to defend your skin, you may find out how to get rid of striae and still have the ability to keep the condition via worsening. What is important is to find effective and safe solutions whenever you can, and to make any feasible changes to prevent your skin from being overstretched going forward. Although marks on your abdomen may be easily noticed, examining ones buttocks, breasts, upper forearms, and legs for changes likewise may keep the predicament from becoming severe. Accepting such skin changes as permanent are going to lead to further surgical marks, and require more aggressive measures once you eventually do decide to do something positive about them. Although it may sound too simplistic to be effective, staying hydrated can stem the production of scars. Drinking water and other healthful liquids could be especially effective for teens and expecting mothers, in addition to as a safe solution.


Stretch Marks Creams – Medical Advice

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