Biotin benefits for the skin

Biotin benefits for the skin  One of the most important vitamins for your skin, biotin, is found in most fruits and vegetables and many other foods. It helps keeping you beautiful and healthy. This vitamin cannot be stored by the body because any excess is immediately eliminated by the excretory system. Therefore, we must always introduce it into the body by eating food. Biotin is essential for the metabolism of lipids and proteins. It participates in the formation of fatty acids, antibodies, digestive enzymes and in the metabolism of nicotinic acid. Like insulin, biotin has the capacity to reduce blood sugar. There are nine enzyme systems in the body that need it. Usually, this vitamin is produced by intestinal flora. But in certain situations, its level decreases and then you need to take supplements. This happens when you take certain drugs, during pregnancy or when intestinal flora is weakened by bad digestion.

One of the effects that most women like is delaying whitening hair and restoring the hormonal balance of the skin by acne, eczema, stretch marks, vitiligo and other dermatological diseases. It is very effective in cases of obesity and anemia and alleviates muscle pain.

This vitamin helps keep skin well hydrated from the inside. Stretch marks and other dermatological affection are often caused by the dehydration of the skin, but biotin stimulates the skin cell renewal process. Because B vitamins work in synergy, biotin is more effective in combination with other B vitamins. In order to maintain a healthy skin, vitamin B complex is good to be combined with other vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, D, E, zinc and also with fatty acids (omega 3 from fish oil).

Presently, the medical researchers have not yet developed a laboratory test to detect biotin deficiency in the body, so that this condition is usually identified by its symptoms, including thinning hair (frequently accompanied by discoloration of hair), hair loss, red rash around the eyes, nose and mouth, very brittle nails ,dry and flaking skin, muscle pain, anemia, etc. Biotin is water soluble and because of this, our body gets rid of it systematically. Therefore it is necessary to restore continuously our supplies of biotin. It can be found in potatoes, yeast, dried beans, paddy rice, nuts, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, chicken, honey, fish, and bacon. Also, the consumption of alcohol decreases the level of absorption. This is also true in the case of raw white egg; it does not allow the absorption of biotin and neutralize the one existing in the body, inconvenience which disappears if we cook the egg.

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