Effective ingredients in stretch marks creams

The most effective ingredients in stretch marks creams  Studies have shown that stretch marks are one of the five main causes which make women feel embarrassed and stressed. No wonder that so many women spend so much time and effort shopping for the right stretch mark cream.

Not always the most expensive cream or the newest appeared give the best results. The most important thing to know is your type of skin and what ingredients are the most effective against stretch marks. Try to avoid creams that will only cover the signs on the skin without attacking the root problem. One of the reasons that most stretch mark creams are ineffective is that they treat only the outer layer, although the lesions begin in the middle layer of the dermis. Learn about the compounds that make up a good cream, ingredients such as collagen, vitamin C, Aloe Vera extract, vitamin A, glycolic acid, castor oil, vitamin E, emu oil. Grape seed extract and vitamin K are substances that are really helpful preventing and also reducing stretch marks.


Emu oil is known to penetrate the outer layer of skin, reaching the area known as the dermis layer (where the collagen is made). Due to natural vitamin A and E, emu oil acts also as a healing agent, repairing the scarring skin. Oleic acid in emu oil not only has anti-aging properties, but also helps to regenerate skin cells.

Vitamin E has a powerful antioxidant role; it is known as “the beauty vitamin” due to anti- aging properties. Like other antioxidants, it helps to nourish and protect the skin from other lesions. For some people, just by applying pure vitamin E oil or castor oil on the affected area at least twice a day does wonders.

Grape seed extract is rich in antioxidants and helps to absorb vitamin C, while strengthening cell membranes, preventing the development of stretch mark. Grape seed extract protects the capillary walls, which improves blood circulation.


Alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA), such as lactic acid, glycolic or fruit acids are used in chemical peels. Glycolic acid is usually found in sugar and unripe grapes. They act by reducing the accumulation of dead skin cells making the skin smoother. Besides stretch marks, AHA peels are used to remove fine wrinkles, dry areas of skin, pigmentation, and acne. During the consultation, your doctor will determine the type of acid to be used. AHA can be used as a cream, with lower concentrations of acid, for daily maintenance treatment in order to improve skin texture.

Aloe Vera is very useful for treating sunburn, wounds and other injuries. Promote healing and reduce inflammation. Collagen is found in the first place in our body tissues. Collagen is used as an aid in treating skin burns and tissue inflammation.
A cream made ​​from a combination of the ingredients mentioned above has a much better chance of success in treating and eliminating stretch marks. These ingredients will penetrate deeper layers of the skin, exfoliating, healing and regenerating skin cells, giving you a much better result.

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